San Diego Vacation Rentals are for Cool People

Looking for a fun, fabulous and unique way to enjoy your vacation? Try a luxury San Diego vacation rental. You can plan a romantic weekend away for two, or an amenity-filled group getaway with your friends. Luxury vacation rentals come with everything you could ever want on a beach vacation - jacuzzi, bbq, swanky beachfront deck, an amazing view and of course San Diego has amazing summer weather.

Imagine waking up in a big comfortable and cozy house - not a teeny, stuffy hotel room - and then strolling right out to the beach for some surfing and sunbathing. Mmm delicious.

Since I'm from San Diego, I have been looking into this whole luxury vacation rental thing quite intensely. It seems to be a very cool way to spend a weekend or a even a whole week!

Penny Realty is the "trusted leader in San Diego vacation rentals" so I've been perusing their listings. They've got some pretty cool looking houses available - I definitely want the one with the cool open air deck and extremely large living room. Did I mention it's right on the beach?


luxury vacation rental said...

it looks very accomodating...i like this place!!

- ledz -

Lisbon Accommodations said...


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