Celebrity Travel Style - What to Wear

There are 2 things you really must have to travel in celebrity style this winter: A trench coat and boots. Pair those with ANYTHING that matches and a pair of huge dark sunglasses and you'll have paparazzi all over you.

Okay I guess there's bit more to it than that. Especially if you plan to travel not in the winter. Who does that? Here are a few fab things that can make you the pinnacle of fashion on your luxury vacation:

1. A Chic Carryall
A definite must. Designer brand is best. Louis Vuitton, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Chanel, etc. Make sure the label shows. See my other post on Designer Luggage for some cute luggage pics.

Chloe Andy Canvas Tote

2. Sarong

Wear it over your suit as a skirt or a dress and you'll be sexy and stylin'. If you're going on a beach-y vacation pick bright tropical colors like hot pink, yellow or a bright teal.

3. Long Comfy Dress
A "maxi-dress", as they call it, is a great great thing. These dresses are trendy, comfortable, and you can work it from the airport to shopping to dinner. Try pairing it with a cute cardigan, and of course a cute bag and a pillow with an LV pillow case (do they make those?).

Eva knows what's up.

4. A Hat
Straw fedora hats are all the rage. Little slouchy knit berets are great for that hip casual look. Or go with your own signature style a la Gwen Stefani. Just wear a hat okay?

5. Mix and match stuff

"You only need a few key items to mix and match the entire trip," says Nicolette Prpa, world traveler and owner of chic Chicago boutique SHE. Try choosing a color theme for all of your vacation clothes. Neutral tones or simple black and white are always smart, sophisticated and goooood lookin'. Layer your pieces and add some cool accessories and you're as fab as Fergie. You know, if you want to be.

6. Designer Sunglasses.
Or ones that look designer. This one is really a no-brainer. Go big, go dark or go home. Brown sunglasses are cool too. Do NOT get this "creative" with your look:

But we love your sunglasses, Victoria!

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