Luxury Cabo Wedding Cakes

A Cabo wedding says luxury from start to finish. No detail is overlooked and this includes the cake! Stylish, carefully designed cakes are an essential piece to the overall look of your wedding, and the colorful possibilities are practically endless! Cabo wedding beach cakes can be especially stunning with tropical or soft blue hues and creative beach or travel-themed designs. I've collected a few of my favorite cakes from - hopefully they can inspire you!

Delicate yellow flowers cascade down a white background on this simple, yet elegant four tiered cake. This look can perfectly complement a beach themed wedding since it can match with a wide variety of colors. Try light blue or even bold red accents for the rest of your wedding decorations to really make your cake stand out!

This whimsical cake is perfect for the couple that has a penchant for travel. The adorable suitcase topper and dotted map lines give the cake a modern feel while the fun but subtle color scheme doesn't make it too over the top.

For a classic luxury feel, go with royal colors such as this ruby red, and an elegant design like the swirls or mini dot clusters. The ribbons at the base of each tier is a popular cake accent and give it a sleek and sophisticated finish. A slight variation on each tier is a great way to give the cake a design that leaves an impression without making it too busy.

This cake was tailored to the bride, as her nickname growing up was "ladybug". Personal touches on a cake can make it very special and with a little creative twist, you're sure to have the perfect cake. As you may have noticed, when it comes to Cabo wedding cakes, simple is best. By using only a few colors with a chic design, your cake will mesh flawlessly with the rest of your wedding.

This cake is a great example of how only a few colors can go a long way. If you want your cake to be a bit more fun and funky, pick three basic colors and a basic shape and let your creative mind mix them up between the tiers. Dots and other geometric shapes make for a cake that's cute, modern and still sleek.

Typically, I don't like Cabo wedding cakes that are gung-ho on the beach theme , with shells and starfish everywhere, but this cake does it so tastefully that I had to include it. The Adirondack chairs on top give it a unique twist and the light blue matches well with the brown sugar sand.

Fab Eco Travel: Luxury Eco Resorts

co travel is all the rage, but some hotels are greener than others. If you really want to go luxury green traveling, make sure you book an eco resort that truly adheres to eco friendly standards. This means initiatives beyond energy-efficient lightbulbs and low-flow toilets. I'm talking about the real eco resorts that are made from all natural and local materials, grow and serve organic food, use solar energy and implement a full scale recycle program. Sure, it doesn't sound glamorous but you'd be surprised how incredibly inviting these all-natural eco lodges can be. Take a look at some of my top picks for eco resorts from around the world:

La Cocotera Resort - La Barra de Santiago, El Salvador

La Cocotera is a picturesque green hotel in El Salvador designed for those who seek simple luxury and peaceful relaxation. The adorable thatch roof bungalows are mere steps away from the beach, and the beach hammocks that line the premises don't hurt either. For animal lovers, La Cocotera also sponsers a Turtle Release Program for the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Yes, you get to release baby sea turtles into the ocean!

Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa - Queensland, Australia

When I think eco resort, I think beach...but I also think tree tops. Being one with nature is definitely a priority for this breathtaking eco resort. The fifteen villas are nestled into the rainforest in tree house-style and really look like something out of a movie. Ever wanted a massage in the jungle? You can make it happen at Daintree.

Longitude 131° - Northern Territory, Australia

Yay Australia! One look at this picture and you'll know why this made my list of favorites. The fifteen tents are actually on steel stilts to leave the desert sands beneath undisturbed. It may be in the desert, but the accommodations don't skimp on the luxury. Since you're basically out in the middle of nowhere, you really have some time to relax and wonder at the beauty of the Australian outback.

Soneva Fushi by Six Senses - Maldives

If you love pristine beaches and clear blue ocean, Soneva Fushi is the only place you need to go. The resort offers 65 accommodations that are beach luxury at its finest. Each villa opens to its very own stretch of white sand beach just a few steps away, and some even include Private Sea Water Swimming Pools.

What are you favorite eco resorts? Add them in the comments!