Brangelina Continues to Disgust Us With Their Perfection

Breaking entertainment news guys:

Angelina Jolie Misplaces $1.6M Diamond Earrings

Angie on way to airport when she realized she didn't have the earrings

Yeah, she has 1.6 million dollar earrings. Oh, the traveling woes of the rich and famous.
Why they're so sickeningly perfect:

Exhibit A:

Aww teaching the kids with books and stuff.

Exhibits B - F:
  • They have "adorable six-month-old twins, Knox and Vivienne" and they couldn't be happier with their big family.

  • Angelina says, "He is the man that made all my dreams come true" about Brad and Brad says "[Angelina's beauty] never gets old." !!!

  • They're both considered someone of the most beautiful people in the world.

  • They make millions of dollars and get to travel all over the world as a family.

  • To top it all off, they've both been nominated for best actor/actress for this year's Academy Awards.
Why must you everything fall so perfectly in place for you? Why Brangelina why?
Read the full article about the earrings here


Mike said...

Perfection can be faked... Mr. Brown and Rhianna. But i have a feeling if there was domestic violence in this relationship it would be Brad with the black eyes.

MissFab said...

Haha totally agree!

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