In the Lap of Luxury (for V-day, at least!): Cabo Spas

With Valentine's day around the corner, everyone has dimly-lit restaurants, chocolates and relaxing couple's massages on the mind.

Well what better place to enjoy a weekend away from it all than Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! And if you're going for a romantic vacation, you have to visit one of the many luxurious Cabo spas. Hey, a Cabo hotel vacation is good any time of the year, not just Valentine's day :)

Pueblo Bonito's Cabo spas are uh-mazing, and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for complete pampering and relaxation. Here is just a short list of the luxurious spa treatments they offer, from facials to manicures to a million different types of massages.

Honey Scrub
An innovative body treatment that nourishes and regenerates the skin by exfoliating dead cells, revealing smooth, healthy skin. Its exclusive formula incorporates crystallized honey, which nurtures and hydrates the skin, and a delicate floral scent that promotes relaxation. This soothing treatment ends with a body lotion massage. 50 minutes - $110.00 USD

A steam bath of pre-Hispanic origin that is utilized for therapeutic, detoxifying and ritual purposes. Exotic! Healing benefits include menstrual period regulation, release of muscle tension, and release of stress and negative energy. The close quarters are also great for bonding and "introspective exploration". Ceremony - $130.00

Therapeutic Stone Massage
A wonderfully soothing treatment that includes a variety of massage techniques combined with the healing properties of heated river stones. These smooth stones are placed on key tension areas to open the chakras or energy channels. This massage is designed to take you into a deep state of relaxation. 80 minutes $170.00

For The Guys: Gentleman's Nourishing Facial

A remarkable treatment specifically designed for men. This facial begins with a deep pore cleansing with enzyme peeling and steam. A relaxing anti-stress facial massage follows, ending with a hydrating mask. As a final touch, a moisturizer and soothing gel are applied to prevent razor burn and sensitivity. For best results, we recommend shaving prior to the treatment. 50 minutes - $100.00

Couple's Massage
The perfect choice for couples. Massages are given side-by-side on two separate tables, each with your own therapist, in a relaxing private environment. Select from Swedish, Sport or Deep Tissue massage. 50 minutes $200.00, 80 minutes $280.00

For more indulgences, check out the complete list of luxury spa services.

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