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Hotels on Facebook? Check. Hotels on Twitter? Double check. Hotels on Myspace? Hmmm... well it comes as no surprise that hotels have plugged into this vast social network but it took a little work to find some good ones. I was curious to see how hotel Myspace profiles would look and how they would approach the whole thing and it was actually pretty interesting to see what worked...and what didn't.

Vibes Hotels - Definitely the best one I've seen. Very sleek design that actually loads fairly fast! It's well organized, clean and just generally very visually appealing. Two thumbs for this Australian hotel chain. Could use some more info about the hotels though - but I guess that's what the real website is for.

Luxor - Captures the essence of Myspace and Las Vegas very nicely. The color black, clubbing, gettin' crunk, being fabulous, etc. Customized design, looks like it's updated pretty frequently, thousands of friends and very user-interactive. Good job Luxor. You are dominating the social media scene.

Mandalay Bay - The layout had a lot of potential in terms of colors and photo placement, but a few elements are cut off, which is very off-putting.

Pueblo Bonito - They kept it simple, so it looks good and I can read all about their Cabo hotels with ease. Who says you need to be flashy to be credible?

Hotel Chelsea - Okay this one is actually a tribute to the Hotel, not made and managed by the hotel. Weird. The page has a cool artsy background with a collage of pictures making one picture but it makes it hard to see anything else. Whatever, they're artists.

Ghostbar at W Hotel Dallas - Let me just say that this fits the Myspace vibe perfectly. Party party party and about 5 million too many pictures.

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Mike said...

Vibes - makes it look like prime d-bag territory
Lux - takes FOREVER to load on my computer, but cool
Mandalay Bay - that's a lot of yellow
Pueblo Bonito - clean... but could use some la musica (but not like the crappy acid techno on the other sites... vibes i am looking at you >:-| )
Chelsea - whoa! that is A.D.D. central! i can't even read the info on the page. but i like the crazy, tense, mad-hatter-at-the-MET sort of theme i guess, then again, i do have A.D.D.
Ghostbar - uh! seems like a lot of unlikable b-list celebs choose this bar, and they like to show pictures of it. boo! Paris Hilton.

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