Madagascar (not the movie): A Luxury Travel Destination?

Madagascar is more than just a kid's movie! Did you know that some people think it is a made up place? Well it is not. Madagascar is a tropical island (the fourth-largest in the world) off the southeastern shores of Africa. The island is home to many exotic plants and endangered animals, including the lemur, a type of primate found only in Madagascar and surrounding islands. In fact, most of the plants and animal species in Madagascar are found nowhere else in the world.

Want more fun facts? Madagascar is the world's largest producer and exporter of vanilla.

Okay, so it's a fabulous place for ecologists, but is it a worthy luxury travel destination? While Madagascar is considered a third-world country, the presence of breath taking natural surroundings and just general unique-ness (who wouldn't want to see a ring-tailed lemur up close?) and remote-ness have made way for a few luxury hotel and resort gems. With the rise of the eco-tourism market, travel to Madagascar has become increasingly popular.

Set along the Mozambique Channel in an extremely diverse environment, the hotel comprises an outstanding complex of 25 rosewood villas. Each villa features a large terrace facing the ocean, a living room area and breakfast area and a bed room. A small staircase provides access to the first floor which features a relaxation room that can be used as an office or children’s/guest room.

The nature reserve alongside the hotel is home to over 1,800 floral species, most of which are endemic to the country along with many medicinal plants. The forest is also home to many animal species such as the famous Sifaka lemur, birds of paradise, chameleons and Cuvier’s oplure (a type of iguana).

Anjajavy can be accessed by plane from the private airline Air Hotel from Antananarivo or Nosy Be.

Constance Lodge Tsarabanjina
This luxury eco resort is actually on its own island of the same name, and is comprised of twenty-one thatched-roof bungalows looking out on the sea, each with private terrace built from rosewood. Every bungalow is unique and bears the name of a flower, a tree or fish. In addition to the supreme seclusion and "an island, all your own, just for you" concept, the resort is an ideal place for diving, kayaking, nature walks and other eco activities.

Princess Bora Lodge - Ile Sainte Marie
Located on Sainte-Marie, a small island just off the northeast coast of Madagascar, the Princess Bora Lodge is a beach-lovers paradise. The hotel boasts two private beaches, Coco Bay and Clipper Bay, both of which are surrounded by a large forest of coconut trees.

The Executive Beach Villas include a large central bathtub made of stone, a double shower, a double basin, separate closets, a wide terrace and a king size bed that faces the Indian Ocean. Everything from the food to the spa treatments is unique and luxurious, but it doesn't stop there. Bicycle, kayak and snorkel gear rentals are all included, and if you crave more than just basking in the resorts superb surroundings, activities such as whale watching and scuba diving area also readily available.

There are many other beautiful options in Madagascar, ranging from luxurious to adventurous to all-natural. Each make for a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the world - that in itself is a luxury!


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