$43,000 Will Buy You Two Dead Birds

Who wants to fork over $43,000 dollars for some roadkill? Roger Vivier says you do! Check out these rockin' robin shoes! Yeah, those are real birds.

Each stuffed bird has a crystal-encrusted head, 24 ct gold-coated mesh, silk, ribbons and crocodile-skin rosettes. Every pair also comes with special protective crocodile or snakeskin platforms that attach to the bottom of the shoes so they never have to come into contact with the ground. You only have to wait three months after you order them, presumably because they need time to hatch and raise the birds before killing and hot glue-ing them to the front of a pair of generic gold shoes. Oh what money can buy!

Vivier does have some other shoes in his 2009 Spring/Summer collection that are quite unique and kinda cute too. If you want to travel in style, definitely consider some of his shoes.

Source: Luxist.com


Unknown said...

you stole your name!


MissFab said...

Nah, they "stole" it from me.

Opé - Style Artist said...

I think these shoes are crazy!
Very interesting.

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