Luxury Designer Luggage Fall 2008

The cost of traveling by plane may be on the rise, but designer luggage isn't getting any cheaper, or any less popular. I guess if you're a celebrity, or if you can afford it, it don't matta. I once heard that 80% of feeling good is looking good - and you definitely need to feel good if you're trying to battle your way through an airport...especially if you're being followed by the paparazzi. Besides, who can resist cute luggage? Check out the goods:

Gucci Crest Tote, $1295

French 1946 Savoy Collection, Pieces include a hatbox ($785), satchel ($425), backpack with a bottom ($450), and 52-inch, roll-along garment bag ($1,085) with companion mini bag ($375). Perfect for a posh arrival at a Cabo resort.

Louis Vuitton Eole 60, $2050. The Louis Vuitton official website says, "it is light yet spacious and it is accepted as hand luggage. The bag can hold one week's clothing."

Samsonite Vintage Collection, Beauty Bag, $310. Arrive at your destination wedding in Cabo in style with this adorable vintage collection. You'll be the blushing bride for sure when everyone starts fawning over your chic luggage ;)

Tumi Voyageur Cologne Tote in Zebra, $295

I just had to add this. Coach passport cover, $148. If you're a frequent traveler, you need this stylish passport cover. You don't want to arrive at your Cabo hotel without this high-end accessory.

Coach OP Art Travel Sabrina, $798. Just the cutest little carry on bag around. Fits all you need and makes you look fabulous.

Coach Legacy Crocodile Medium Duffle, $12000. $12,000?? Surely I miscounted the zeroes...nope.

Hartmann Wings Collection, Mobile Carry-all, $675

Really makes you want to go out and get them doesn't it? Well, maybe.

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