San Diego Hot Spots

I currently reside in the lovely city of San Diego, California and if I do say so myself, it is definitely a fab place for travel - if you do it right.

San Diego has plenty of gorgeous places to lounge if you want a posh night out, and the beach never goes out of style. If you're a fabtraveler and you're going to be breezing through San Diego at some point, you don't want to miss these luxury travel recommendations.

The Ivy Hotel / Envy
Celebs like Meryl Streep, Terrence Howard, John Mayer and Jessica Biel have all graced the tastefully decorated halls with their presence and so can you. The Ivy Hotel is a top notch hotel, and boasts a classy (read: expensive) restaurant called The Quarter Kitchen as well as a sizzling nightclub, aptly named Envy. The place reeks of luxury. Pictured is the Star Suite, a 1275 sq. foot room with, yes, king-size bunk beds, a "performance" pole and a shower that turns opaque when touched (??). I call top bunk!

Moonstone LoungeAnd here I was thinking that the Hard Rock Hotel had passed its prime. The Moonstone lounge, located on the refreshing rooftops of San Diego's Hard Rock Hotel in the famed Gaslamp quarter, is a fabulous place for fabulous lounging. Private poolside cabanas feature lounge seating, flat screen TV's and mini bars all for your personal indulgence.

Stingaree, one of the hottest nightclubs in San Diego takes a fab night out straight to the top - literally. The Oasis at Stingaree is a rooftop lounge for those who need a break "when the action gets too hot inside". Grab a seat next to the cozy fire pit or lounge on one of the Oasis beds. For those who consider themselves true VIPs, eight cabanas are available for reservation.

30 TWO Bar & Lounge
This luxury hang out elevates itself from the rest of the crowd with two words: members only. 30-TWO Bar and Lounge members gain all kinds of VIP access to the place including: a private backdoor entrance, high tech entertainment systems, town car service, personal concierge assistance and special access to entertainment events. In addition to personal nightlife entertainment, 30-TWO Bar and Lounge opens its sleek corridors for corporate trainings, art and music exhibits and openings, and television and movie filming and screenings.

Party Monsters Cabo is Full of Monsters

The idea: Nine ambitious party planners head to the LG Villa in Cabo to see who can throw the ultimate party for Hollywood's hottest A-listers—and only one will return a winner

The problem: It's a reality TV show.

The other problem: They're planning for "hollywood A-listers" so there's a lot of whining and ridiculous requests and apparently the contestants don't know what they're doing. Sounds like another weekly hour of people acting like over the top idiots on camera. Plus, it's a reality TV show.

The other other problem: It's a reality TV show.

But I guess if I got to stay at a luxury Cabo hotel I would toootally do it too. Even if I only had 24 hours to throw a party for Diddy. DIDDY his name is DIDDY come ON people!

Jo-Bro Heats Up in Cabo

Cabo seems to be on the radar an awful lot lately. As evidenced by Heidi and Spencer from The Hills, it's a hot spot for destination weddings in Cabo as well as a Cabo hotel vacation.

Well here's the latest - Jo Bro Joe Jonas was spotted vacationing in Cabo with his new girlfriend! Noooooo already? I thought we were still celebrating sympathizing the breakup with Taylor Swift. Here's the paparazzi-tastic pic:

Scandalous. So who is this girl? It's
10,000 BC star Camilla Belle, with whom Joe has denied being involved. Well we caught you Joe. You want us to believe you brought this girl all the way to Cabo as a demonstration of your friendship? I think not.

Best Hotel Room Views. Ever.

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica (featured Cabo hotel) - Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Paying the big bucks for a hotel room doesn't just mean a big bed and a grand piano in the middle of your suite. It often means the most incredible views - views you didn't even think existed in real life. Having trouble visualizing that kind of view? Take a look at these from the exclusive Luxury Travel community,

Corner Junior Suite (Room 471) at the Hotel Splendido - Portofino, Italy

Grand Velas All Suites & Spa Resort - Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico

Singita Boulders Lodge - Sabi San Reserve, South Africa

La Sirenuse - Positano, Italy

29th floor of the Bellagio's Spa Tower - Las Vegas, NV

The REAL Eiffel Tower. The Hotel Le Meurice - Paris, France

And my personal favorite, drumroll please....

Royal Suite at the Birkenhead House - Hermanus, South Africa. Now that's what I call luxury travel!

Want to see a few more of the best hotel room views in the world? Visit

Take the Celebrity Travel Quiz

Think you're up to date on all your celebrity gossip?

Well iVillage has put together this little quiz to see just how much you know about celebs and all the fabulous places they travel.

Where did Brad and Jen spend their final weekend as a couple? Where do Cam Diaz and Drew Barrymore like to hang out? If you don't already know you can totally find out! Enough talk, test your knowledge and take the quiz here!

Cabo Hotel Pueblo Bonito Rose Reveals New Upgrades

Pueblo Bonito Rose, an all-suite Cabo hotel and resort, has unveiled some welcome enhancements. I looked up reviews for this resort and many people said that the rooms were outdated. Well guests new and old will be glad to know that they've majorly updated their look. They've redone their suites with new furniture, design and decoration, they've revamped their gourmet restaurant Fellini's (tres chic) and they've even added a new beachfront sushi restaurant and an Internet Cafe. Sounds abso-lovely Pueblo Bonito, congrats! Wanna see a magic trick? Here's some exclusive pics:



Ooh la la!
listed Pueblo Bonito Rose as an ideal Cabo hotel to visit for winter vacations a while back (check out the article here), and in light of that I'm seriously considering visiting. I hear airfaire to Cabo is pretty affordable as of late too. AND, as if I needed anymore incentive go to, is offering a 25% discount for booking through thier site. Sweet!

Oh Cabo, you've stolen my heart. Now if only I could convince my friends to go with me...

New Wynn Hotel Scheduled to Open Dec 22

Want more Wynn? You got it. A fabulous new luxury Wynn hotel called Encore is opening right next to the old one in Vegas. Every room is a suite! Woo! Although I have no idea why you would want to open a brand new, relatively expensive hotel in these times, it still sounds pretty cool and is probably worth a reservation. Also you have to give the guy credit for sitting on the roof of his hotel to introduce it. Hey, if you got the dough, why not spend it?

Luxury Travel Tips: FabTravel on a Budget

As much as we all love the idea of FabTravel, it's not always possible to live the complete celeb luxury life. I think I'm definitely feeling that right now. So in response, I've decided to put together a few tips on how to travel in the Fab lane but still save a few bucks. I swear, it's possible.

Tip #1: Do your research. It can get a little time-consuming, but when it comes to getting good deals on a luxury Cabo hotel and the like, searching for good prices will almost always save you some dough. Sites like not only gives you results for all the hotels in your desired area, it can even tell if the current rate is a deal, average, or overpriced.

Tip #2: Pack light. If you really want to commit to the luxury lifestyle, you don't need to bring a lot of stuff! You're staying at a fab hotel so chances are they're going to provide you with everything you could want including snazzy toiletries and a lovely robe or towel you can lounge in all day. So forget extra clothes and anything that will weigh you down - you'll only end up paying extra fees for your extra baggage at the airport!

Tip #3: Try the local fare! Luxury travel isn't just about staying at a luxurious hotel, it's about being in a new and different place. If you're in a city or country that has some unique food to offer, try going local and buying some authentic street fare. This way, you won't be spending a fortune on a 5 star gourmet meal EVERY night and day of your vacay. It's a great way to experience the area at it's best- plus it's fun!

Tip #4: Travel with friends. Split the cost of everything and you could save big bucks on your luxury suite, bottle service at luxury night clubs, a limo, or anything else that is a little too posh for just one. It's worth a shot and you'll have an excellent time living in the fab lane with your peeps. Can't go wrong there!

Do you have a tip? Let me know in the comments and I'll add it!