Party Monsters Cabo is Full of Monsters

The idea: Nine ambitious party planners head to the LG Villa in Cabo to see who can throw the ultimate party for Hollywood's hottest A-listers—and only one will return a winner

The problem: It's a reality TV show.

The other problem: They're planning for "hollywood A-listers" so there's a lot of whining and ridiculous requests and apparently the contestants don't know what they're doing. Sounds like another weekly hour of people acting like over the top idiots on camera. Plus, it's a reality TV show.

The other other problem: It's a reality TV show.

But I guess if I got to stay at a luxury Cabo hotel I would toootally do it too. Even if I only had 24 hours to throw a party for Diddy. DIDDY his name is DIDDY come ON people!

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