Cabo Hotel Pueblo Bonito Rose Reveals New Upgrades

Pueblo Bonito Rose, an all-suite Cabo hotel and resort, has unveiled some welcome enhancements. I looked up reviews for this resort and many people said that the rooms were outdated. Well guests new and old will be glad to know that they've majorly updated their look. They've redone their suites with new furniture, design and decoration, they've revamped their gourmet restaurant Fellini's (tres chic) and they've even added a new beachfront sushi restaurant and an Internet Cafe. Sounds abso-lovely Pueblo Bonito, congrats! Wanna see a magic trick? Here's some exclusive pics:



Ooh la la!
listed Pueblo Bonito Rose as an ideal Cabo hotel to visit for winter vacations a while back (check out the article here), and in light of that I'm seriously considering visiting. I hear airfaire to Cabo is pretty affordable as of late too. AND, as if I needed anymore incentive go to, is offering a 25% discount for booking through thier site. Sweet!

Oh Cabo, you've stolen my heart. Now if only I could convince my friends to go with me...

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