New Wynn Hotel Scheduled to Open Dec 22

Want more Wynn? You got it. A fabulous new luxury Wynn hotel called Encore is opening right next to the old one in Vegas. Every room is a suite! Woo! Although I have no idea why you would want to open a brand new, relatively expensive hotel in these times, it still sounds pretty cool and is probably worth a reservation. Also you have to give the guy credit for sitting on the roof of his hotel to introduce it. Hey, if you got the dough, why not spend it?


thatsmikey said...

excited for the new Whynn... let's go, use the company card and say were are researching hotels :-)

Casual Connoisseur said...

We have stayed at Wynn and it is by far the bext hotel in Vegas. Not sure if that is still true now City Centre has opened, but still an amazing hotel and well worth a visit.

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