Luxury Hotel Rooms of the Future

So we don't have flying cars, but German scientists have taken a cue from The Jetsons and are working on the luxury hotel room of the future. According to, the room is super-techy, with features like sensor-lined carpet that heats up the room when the guest arrives and a bed that "simulates a light pendulum motion" that gently rocks you to sleep. Weird. I wonder if that actually helps you sleep. I guess it has to.

The futuristic-ness doesn't stop there, though. The bathroom is equipped with infrared beams from the walls that instantly transform your ho-hum toilet-center into a sauna, complete with a whirlpool set in the floor.

Lastly - perhaps the most creepy part - at the touch of a switch, a robot delivers the drink of your choice (visions of I, Robot dancing in my head). Well, I guess the creepiest part is how WHITE and sterile-looking the room is in the picture.

That's quite a step up from the luxury Cabo hotels I've been to lately. But we are talking about the future here! I think I still prefer the ocean view hotel room...

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OMG love it, love it, LOVE IT!

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